House Lionesse Frequently Asked Questions

Fighting for Women
How to Succeed for Beginning Women Fighters (by Moogie)
How to Encourage Women Fighters (by Moogie)
Womens' Tourneys (by Moogie)

Weapons, Equipment and Games
A Survey of Weapons Combos (by Sir Squeak!)
Getting the Right Shield (by Sir Squeak!)
Short? Left Handed? Sword and Board could work for you! (by Tree)
Jugging...What a sport! (by Lady-at-arms Isabel)
Why Ditch Battle? (by Sir Michael Hammer of God)

Training and Attitude
Learning to Fight Is an Attitude (by Moogie)
The Moogie in my Head (by Sir Squeak!)
Fighting For the Slower Ones (by Conundrum)
Fighting from an Internal Perspective Part 1: The Basics (by Lady Xofi)
An Introduction to Training (by Sir Squeak! Sai Yuk)
Teaching (by Celwyn)
Download (196 MB) Sir Arthon's Advanced Sword and Board Class CD

Personal Accounts
My Beginnings as a Fighter (by Moogie)
The Gathering of the Valkyrie: A Personal Account of a Women's Tourney (by Kalhan W. Armmin)
My First Battlegame (by Rafaela di Asturien)
10 Passages from a Day as a Newby (by Blaise fon Permafrost)
An Iron Mountains Coronation (by Tawnee Darkfalcon)
My First Swing (by Thistle)

Heritage and Inspiration
An Amtgard Heritage of Women Warriors
An Interview with Tawnee Darkfalcon (by Moogie)
An Interview with Joella Llwewlyn Starwatcher (by Moogie)
An Interview with Andralaine (by Moogie)
An Interview with Calliope (by Sir Squeak!)
An Interview with Lily Sumac (by Squire Lorelie)
A Woman's Place in Amtgard (by Rafaela di Asturien)
Quotes and Inspirations
Recommended Reading
Fighting Women in Period Literature
Women's Tourney Results

House Lionesse Information
House Lionesse Frequently Asked Questions
How to Contribute to House Lionesse
House Lionesse Symbol and Favors
House Lionesse Honors

Other Helpful Articles
A Guide to Your First Day at Amtgard (by Moogie)
More Than You Ever Needed to Know About Preparing for Your First Camping Event (by Moogie)

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