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08/18/01 Added poetry on the Resources page. There is a poem by Ominique titled "On Raven's Wings" and one by Moogie titled The War Goddess.

11/21/00 Sir Boots is a mom! Sir Boots and Sir Jeddak welcomed baby girl Baast Ahnaka Scholl to their family on November 17th!

08/14/00 Pictures and results from the Queen of the Hill tourney at Clan XVIII are up. Thanks to Dame Kayrana for running the tourney!

07/11/00 Added a new article on the resources page: What's the Use? (An Article About House Morrigan) by Avice, in which she tells about her experiences with the household.

07/10/00 Added pics of Avice and Eclipse on the members page, also updated Sir Squeak's entry, as she recently became a Knight of the Flame! Congratulations, Squeak!

House Morrigan is hosting a "Queen of the Hill" tourney at Clan this year.
Time: Friday afternoon after Forest War
Place: Main Battlefield
This will be a "King of the Hill" type tourney for women. Open class. The purpose of this event is to help women fighters get to know one another, learn from one another and interact.

07/05/00 Added pics of Squeak taking a pie in the face!

06/26/00 Added links to House Lionesse, a new mailing list for fighting women, to various pages. Including this one. :) Check it out and join the list to meet and share with fighting women all over the Amtgard world!

Added Kayrana on the Members page, more Pictures!

Finished the Recommended Reading page, added pictures of Thistle and Wings on the Members page.

Added the House Morrigan Frequently Asked Questions. To be amended as questions are frequently asked.

New pictures for members page: Moogie, Squeak, Ominique, Sir Boots and Oriana. I'm still looking for good portraits of Avice, Wings, Thistle, Carla Carla Carla , Eclipse and the Terakian.

Also, a few new Amtgard links on the Amtlinks page.

The House Morrigan web page is up! Please send articles, pictures and news!


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