Introducing House Lionesse, an Amtgard household for women fighters and their supporters.

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The Household
House Lionesse is a universal Amtgard household for the support and encouragement of women fighters. It exists for the exchange of information, experience and resources helpful to women in Amtgard combat. Our goal is to use the resources of the internet and gatherings at interkingdom events to share with Amtgardians who may not have much contact with other women fighters. More information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Mailing List
The household is based on a mailing list where fighters can discuss and share ideas and experiences. It is a comfortable and fun community of supportive Amtgardians seeking to excel. To join the mailing list, or for more information, email Moogie at with a request, or join the list through Yahoo! groups.

Resources for fighting women are available on the House Lionesse Resources page. There are articles about fighting, weapons, training, and our heritage and experiences as women warriors in Amtgard. Many other helpful resources, on women, historical women warriors, armor, tactics and training are available on the Links page.

House Lionesse is both a household and a commmunity. There are many ways to participate. Your articles are still needed. Check out the Guidelines for submission or email Moogie with your ideas and articles. We hope to have a world-class Resources section where we can all share our experiences, but we need your help! Your viewpoint is important to the members of House Lionesse, please share it!

House Lionesse at Events
Sir Squeak taught a class for lady fighters, and trainers who work with lady fighters at Sword Knight Boot Camp III. If you are interested in involving House Lionesse in an event, please email Moogie.

What's New on the Webpage?

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