Dragon Master

Date: Saturday, February 7
Location: Tanglewood Forest (Directions)

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Dragon Master will be held at Tanglewood Forest this reign on Saturday, the 7th of Feb. Everyone is invited to camp if they wish to but Dragon Master itself is only a one day event. I encourage everyone to attend, whether you are entering Dragon Master or not, so that you may participate in the first of a series of Kingdom scale battle-games. In addition to the battlegame, war practices will be conducted throughout the daylight hours. My art is war, and as your Prince I offer it to you. We of the Hills have a long proud history of victory. I refuse to allow our swords to dull or our armor to rust during my watch.

A few things to be aware of:

  • Sign ins will begin at 11am and close at 1pm. Judging will begin At 1pm.
  • All performance entries will be performed in the bardic that will begin at the conclusion of the war games (so be prepared for a long yet entertaining day)
  • We are going to do everything within our power to have the winners announced at the end of the event.
    For this to be possible, I need ALL written entries to be turned in before hand. Please e-mail them to - tanara_stormcaller@hotmail.com - if other arrangments need to be made, please contact either Tanara or Sparhawk.

Download a Dragon Master flyer (Microsoft Word, 124KB)

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